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I’m based in Australia, but am lucky to be a frequent traveller to the UK. I’m also a planner by nature, and tend to do a lot of research before heading off on my adventures.

I admit to being affected by the romance of the rails, which is lucky because trains are my usual mode of transport while I’m there.

Here are the websites I head for when getting those plans together.

The man in seat sixty-one 


This is a comprehensive and practical guide to train travel, with information about the UK and much of the globe.

It’s a personal site created by an English gentleman – the man in seat sixty-one. He says it’s named after his preferred seat on the Eurostar, which has become something of a tradition when booking.

I find the personal touch useful and interesting. You can tell there’s a passion for train travel, and there’s so much more detail about the actual experiences included.

National Rail 


There are many different train operators in Britain, each with their own websites. When you’re researching, National Rail is an easy to use website that searches across all of the options.

Caledonian Sleeper


If you need to get between London and Scotland, the Caledonian Sleeper train is a great option to consider. I’ve been known to rearrange trips just so that I can catch it, and not just because it saves the cost of a hotel for that night.

There’s something romantic about being rocked to sleep in your own sleeper berth, and in pulling down the blinds in London and lifting them up again to see the Scottish Highlands.

Transport for London 


Everything you need for travel around London. Includes details of trains, buses, trams and ferries and has a great journey planner with times and prices.

When you’re in London, check here for the status of each service before you travel.

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