Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries – Books in order

Miss Fisher Mystery Series

These murder mystery tales feature The Hon. Miss Phryne Fisher and are set in 1920s Melbourne with Phryne newly returned from England.

Phryne is an independent capable woman, who is extremely wealthy but grew up in poverty. Her unusual name Phryne is pronounced FRY-nee.

She is superbly stylish and always immaculately dressed, but she can also fly a plane and shoot a gun, or dance the tango and throw a dagger, treating us to some fabulous adventures in the books.

Author Kerry Greenwood

Kerry Greenwood is an Australian author and lawyer from Melbourne. She holds a Ned Kelly Lifetime Achievement Award and the Sisters in Crime’s Inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award.

Kerry has so far written twenty books in the Miss Fisher Mystery series.

She also writes another series of books featuring “Corinna Chapman – baker and reluctant investigator”

Kerry’s Facebook page

Phryne Fisher books in order:

  1. Cocaine Blues (1989)
  2. Flying Too High (1990)
  3. Murder on the Ballarat Train (1991)
  4. Death at Victoria Dock (1992)
  5. The Green Mill Murder (1993)
  6. Blood And Circuses (1994)
  7. Ruddy Gore (1995)
  8. Urn Burial (1996)
  9. Raisins and Almonds (1997)
  10. Death Before Wicket (1999)
  11. Away With the Fairies (2001)
  12. Murder in Montparnasse (2002)
  13. The Castlemaine Murders (2003)
  14. Queen of the Flowers (2004)
  15. Death By Water (2005)
  16. Murder in the Dark (2006)
  17. Murder on a Midsummer Night (2008)
  18. Dead Man’s Chest (2010)
  19. Unnatural Habits (2012)
  20. Murder in Mendelssohn (2013)
  21. Death in Daylesford (2021)
  22. Murder in Williamstown (2023)

The books are also available in audiobook format.

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