Set-Jetting, Location Vacations, Book Tourism & Detective Travel

The idea behind Cosy Pursuits is travel to visit the locations from your favourite Cosy Murder Mysteries. These could be settings in a book, filming locations for a television series, or sites associated with authors.

In the broader scope of inspirations for travel planning, this isn’t a new idea. Here are a few different ways you might find it mentioned on your favourite travel blog when searching for destination inspiration.

Set-Jetting & Location Vacations

This type of travel involves visiting places used as filming locations in Movies and TV series. This is a growing trend, with people wanting to live the magic and see the history of their favourite movies and series. You’ll often find guided tours and location maps at popular destinations, with local businesses hoping to attract tourism dollars.

Book Tourism

The inspiration for this type of travel comes from books. Readers want to see the places that inspired their favourite authors and where their favourite fictional characters “lived”. If you’re a fan of The Hound of the Baskervilles for example, you might like to go hiking on Dartmoor and soak in the atmospheric surroundings, keeping one eye open for the fearsome hound.

Detective Travel

Cosy Pursuits sits proudly in this category. Travel inspired by Detective Stories, whether in book, movie or TV series format. Want to walk in the footsteps of your favourite author? Detective Travel will take you to Torquay for example, where Agatha Christie fans can walk the Agatha Christie Mile using a downloadable map with directions.


Where do you look for inspiration when choosing your next travel destination? 


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