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Sherlock Holmes, a fictional detective created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, is known for his distinct and iconic appearance. He is often depicted as a tall, thin man with sharp features and a keen, observant gaze. Holmes is typically seen wearing a deerstalker hat, which has become closely associated with his image, especially in popular culture.

His attire typically includes:

Deerstalker Hat:  The deerstalker hat is a defining element of Sherlock Holmes’ look. It’s a type of cap with flaps that can be turned down to cover the ears, providing warmth in cold weather. Although not frequently mentioned in the original stories, the deerstalker hat has become a symbol of Holmes in adaptations and illustrations.

Inverness Cape or Coat: Holmes often wears an Inverness cape or a long coat, particularly in outdoor scenes. The cape has a distinctive silhouette, with a capelet covering the shoulders and a front closure.

Pipe: Holmes is often depicted smoking a curved smoking pipe, adding to his contemplative and intellectual demeanor. The pipe is a characteristic accessory that reinforces his image as a brilliant and analytical detective.

Magnifying Glass: While not part of his attire, Holmes is frequently associated with a magnifying glass, which he uses to examine details and clues more closely. It symbolizes his meticulous attention to detail and his keen observational skills.

Formal Attire: In more formal settings, Holmes is portrayed wearing a suit, typically a tweed or wool suit, reflecting the fashion of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Overall, Sherlock Holmes’ look is an amalgamation of Victorian and Edwardian fashion elements, emphasizing his distinctiveness and eccentricity as a brilliant detective. This iconic visual portrayal has persisted through various adaptations and continues to be a recognizable symbol of Sherlock Holmes in popular culture.

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