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The luxurious Hotel Windsor is located in Spring Street in the Melbourne CBD.

Established in 1883, the hotel emerged during the height of the Victorian gold rush, a period marked by unprecedented economic growth and cultural transformation in Melbourne. Originally named the ‘Grand Hotel,’ it features grand Victorian architecture, characterized by intricate detailing and high ceilings.

The hotel quickly became a symbol of prestige and luxury, attracting an array of distinguished guests ranging from political figures to artists and celebrities.

It famously hosted the drafting of Australia’s constitution in 1898, making it a pivotal site in the nation’s political history. It has also been a favored haunt of luminaries like Mark Twain, Laurence Olivier, and Vivien Leigh. Enduring various economic challenges and changes in ownership,

Today, its enduring legacy as one of Australia’s oldest and most esteemed luxury hotels stands as a testament to the significance of this historic landmark.

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The hotel was used as a location for various interior scenes in the series to capture the elegance and grandeur of the 1920s setting.


The Hotel Windsor is located at 100-150 Spring Street, Melbourne.

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